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Frequently Asked Questions
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All vendors/suppliers doing business with the City of San Antonio will be required to register through the New Vendor Registration page.
Vendors can access copies of current contracts and tabulations on the Tabulations & Awards page.
Sealed bids and proposals must be received at the location specified in the solicitation document prior to the due date and time or they will be considered non-responsive. Bids and proposals received after the due date/time will not be accepted.
Yes, vendors can submit bids electronically through the SAePS Portal. However, some bids may require vendors to submit a hard copy.
Any bidder who is adversely affected in connection with the solicitation, evaluation, or proposed award of a contract may file a protest with the Director of Finance and appeal any adverse decision to the City Manager of the City of San Antonio. The vendor must deliver a written notice of protest to the Finance Director within seven (7) calendar days of the posting of the intent to award. If the vendor does not file a written notice within this time, the vendor will have waived all rights to formally protest the intent to award. It is the vendor’s responsibility to check the City’s website posting.
Please visit the Bidding & Contracting Opportunities page and search by solicitation.
Yes, vendors receive automatic bid notices directly from the City of San Antonio based on the NIGP codes they have registered for. It is also beneficial for the vendor to monitor the Bidding & Contracting Opportunities page for all current opportunities.

The successful bidder(s) of an annual contract is notified of award by letter from the City's Purchasing Division.

For professional service discretionary solicitations, the City will notify every respondent of the tentative date that City Council will consider the contract and whether or not their firm will be recommended for award.

Sealed bids cannot be changed by the City or the bidder once they have been opened and read publicly. The City may seek clarification in some instances, but not to change or alter the bid that was submitted. Submit bids that reflect the best price your firm can offer and the delivery times that you can meet. Some solicitations include penalties/liquidated damages for late delivery of products. Ability to perform under the contract will be subject to evaluation and may affect future awards.
Vendor Registration
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The San Antonio e-Procurement System (SAePS) is an electronic procurement system that allows for the collaboration of vendors, buyers, and City employees on a single web-based dashboard. The City of San Antonio puts the majority of its bidding opportunities in SAePS, except for capital improvement (construction) projects. For information about capital improvement project opportunities, visit the Transportation & Capital Improvements Department.

The New Vendor Registration page is located on the Purchasing website.
Vendors interested in doing business with the City of San Antonio must register to view bid solicitations. Registering allows vendors to receive e-mail notifications of open solicitations for the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) Commodity Codes for which they have registered. Registering also allows vendors to submit a response to a solicitation and receive a contract award from the City.
Visit the SAePS Portal Login page to log back into the SAePS portal.

If you need to change your contact information, please call the Vendor Support line at 210-207-0118 or e-mail Vendor Support.

If your business has a name change, address change, or a new Tax ID number, you must submit a letter in writing on company letterhead stating the changes. You must also provide an updated W-9. You can fax the information to 210-207-9778 or e-mail Vendor Support.

NOTE: Only one account is allowed per vendor and only one e-mail address can be designated for bid notifications and password resets. Please make sure that this e-mail address belongs to the person who is best able to respond directly to solicitations or distribute the information to the appropriate person in the company.

Unfortunately, the system only allows one account for each Employer Identification Number (EIN)/ Social Security Number (SSN).
Unfortunately, the system only allows one User ID and password per account.

 NOTE: Only one account is allowed per vendor and only one e-mail address can be designated for bid notifications and password resets. Please make sure that this e-mail address belongs to the person who is best able to respond directly to solicitations or distribute the information to the appropriate person in the company.

Log onto the SAePS portal and follow the instructions below:

  • Under Detailed Navigation, click on Personalization
  • Click on Portal Personalization and then click on Modify
  • In the General Information tab, enter your security question and security answer
  • Click Save

NOTE: Only the e-mail address on file will receive the temporary password.

The registration is complete when you:

  • Have received a permanent User ID (Vxxxxxxxx)
  • Have created a password successfully
  • Logged into the portal
  • Have completed the Vendor Information tab
  • Added NIGP Commodity Codes in the Spend Categories tab
Contact the vendor support line at 210-207-0118 or e-mail Vendor Support.
If you are receiving payment from the City of San Antonio, you must submit a W-9. Please send a copy of your W-9 to Vendor Support or by fax to 210-207-9778.

The contact information for Vendor Support is as follows:
Phone: 210-207-0118
Fax: 210-207-9778
Email Vendor Support
Hours: Monday – Friday 7:45 a.m to 4:30 p.m. Central Time

NOTE: Vendor registrations will only be processed during business hours.

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Yes, the SAePS Portal is best viewed using Internet Explorer. Other browsers that may work include Google Chrome; however, full functionality may not be guaranteed.
If you have created a security question and answer in the portal, visit the SAePS Portal page and click on Get Support. You will be prompted to enter your User ID, the e-mail address on file, and the answer to your security question. If you did not create a security question and answer, please contact the vendor support line at 210-207-0118 or e-mail Vendor Support.
NIGP Codes
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NIGP Commodity Codes identify the products/services a vendor provides. The commodity/services coding structure was developed by the National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP). The Commodity Code offers a structure for standardized purchasing that is used by government agencies.

Standardized product and service codes allows COSA to:

  • Identify suppliers for a bidder listing for specific products/services
  • Standardize commodity/service descriptions
  • Enable more competitive bidding
  • Track spending to measure success of diversity goals specific to Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification
The Window on State Government NIGP Commodity Book page allows vendors to search for NIGP codes with a keyword search criteria. In addition, vendors can visit the NIGP Code Lookup page.

To register for your 5-digit NIGP codes:

  • Log into the SAePS Portal with the User ID provided by the City and password you created
  • Select the Spend Categories Tab
  • Click Add
  • Enter the 5-digit NIGP Commodity Code in Search Product Category
  • Click Add
  • A message will display of Product Category ID xxxxx added successfully

When you are done entering all your NIGP codes, click on Back to Main Screen and you will see the Spend Categories Registered.

Bid Information
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If the bid notification was released prior to you completing your registration or if you were not registered for the NIGP code, you must contact the Procurement Specialist listed on the advertisement and request to be added to the bidder’s list.

Please refer to the RFx Response Guide or call Vendor Support at 210-207-0118.