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Existing Vendor Login

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Other web browsers may not function properly.

Not a Registered Vendor?
Register to be a vendor.

We encourage you to regularly verify that your information is up to date. If you need to make any changes, please call the vendor support line at (210) 207-0118 or e-mail Vendor Support.

NOTE: The SAePS Portal is best viewed using Internet Explorer. Other web browsers that may be compatible include Google Chrome; however, full functionality cannot be assured.

Complete Your Registration

If you have been assigned a User ID but not yet completed your registration, follow the steps below:

  1. Login using your User ID to access your vendor account.
  2. Update your vendor information (see Vendor Information below).
  3. Add NIGP Codes (see Spend Categories below).

As part of the registration process, vendors will need to update the Vendor Information tab.

  • Vendors will need to answer questions 18-21
  • Make sure to enter N/A in any field that does not pertain to you
  • You must complete the Vendor Information tab all at once. If you only complete half of it and save it, you will have to redo it when you return back to the tab
  • Once you complete the required fields, click Save
  • Make sure you wait for a message giving you a successful save

In addition to the Vendor Information tab, vendors will need to update the Spend Categories tab with all their NIGP codes.

  • These codes are needed in order for the City to match solicitations to the products/services your company provides
  • Refer to the Window on State Government NIGP Commodity Book page for a user-friendly list of all the NIGP codes
  • When you are looking through the different classes of codes, you can click on the class number to get the specific item numbers for the products/services that your company provides
  • The 5-digit NIGP Code will consist of the 3-digit class number followed by the 2-digit item number
  • You can have as many NIGP codes that match your company’s products/services

Additional Information

For information on how to submit a response to a solicitation, refer to the RFx Response Guide.

To view open solicitations, visit the Bidding and Contracting Opportunities page.

To find existing fully registered vendors, visit the Vendor Listing page.

For additional information, visit the FAQs page.

To contact the Vendor Support staff, please call (210) 207-0118 or e-mail Vendor Support.