SmartSA Smart Streetlight Project

The Office of Innovation has teamed up with SmartSA Partner CPS-Energy on a pilot program to test and evaluate smart streetlights in each of the city’s three Innovation Zones (Downtown, Brooks, Medical Center).

Itron and AT&T, the selected vendors for the pilot, will install smart streetlight solutions in all three Innovation Zones (Downtown, Brooks, and the Medical Center), on up to fifteen streetlights in each Zone for a total of 45 streetlights. The vendors in collaboration with the City of San Antonio and CPS Energy will pilot solutions for remote lighting controls and monitoring, and multiple additional smart city solutions, such as parking sensors, air quality, temperature, ambient noise and flood sensing.

The pilot phase will run for six months. Each Innovation Zone deployment will be evaluated by SmartSA Partners CPS Energy and the City of San Antonio during the pilot phase. Lessons learned from the three pilots will inform a future citywide deployment of the smart streetlights after the pilot period ends.

Studies have shown, when combined with LED lighting, remote lighting controls on smart streetlights can create up to 60% savings on a City’s utility bill. Benefits to the public are many including enhancements to public safety and traffic safety due to increased visibility, as well as time and cost savings for parking. Smart streetlight applications can create new data sets such as air quality and temperature data that will support City Departments in streamlining services, developing policy, and reaching Climate Action & Adaptation Plan goals.


A Smart City leverages new and emerging technologies and data to improve the quality of life for residents.

Smart City Vision: To be a connected, inclusive, and resilient community supporting a high quality of life.