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The Office of Sustainability's Energy Management Division (OS-EMD) is the newest program and represents an ambitious effort to reduce the City's $38 million annual utility costs and maximize the energy and water performance of current and future City properties.

An important milestone in OS's development occurred when the office received over $32 million in grant "stimulus" funds in 2009 through the federal stimulus program to engage in a wide range of sustainability initiatives. The Municipal Facility Retrofit Program was designed to be an ongoing energy conservation effort that would yield long-term energy and water savings to City-owned properties. The Municipal Facility Retrofit program began in 2011 as a strategy to bring in-house expertise and momentum to establish continual energy and water conservation improvement for municipal facilities. The stimulus funds enabled OS-EMD to make use of grant funds to invest in efficiency projects and recover savings to fund future energy and water efficiency projects. The centerpiece of the Energy Management Division strategy is called the "Energy Efficiency Fund". This is a financial mechanism designed to capture savings from all energy efficiency projects into a revolving account. Then funds are recovered to be reinvested in future energy and water conservation projects with a practical return on investment standard. OS-EMD accomplishments depict annual energy and monetary savings from 2009 to the present.

Air quality benefits as a result of energy retrofits is significant, OS-EMDs work to date will save over 55,930,900 KWH of energy. Their work has resulted in a reduction of CO2 emissions by 41,165 tons. These reductions will persist over time and City-wide emissions savings will continue to grow as current projects fund future retrofits.

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