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Community Sustainability

Successful implementation of the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan will require collective awareness, action, and participation from all members of San Antonio’s community. The list below includes a number of ways for you to get involved. Whether you’re a business looking to recycle or a volunteer that’s passionate about rebuilding old homes, San Antonio has got you covered.

Climate Action

View Climate Action Website
The latest information on the CAAP and a comprehensive inventory of CAAP documents.


View Conservation Website
Check out energy and water conservation programs as well as award winning initiatives such as the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge and HWP Greenway Trails.

Community Programs

Alamo Commutes

View Alamo Commutes Website
Are you looking for a way to get to work without having to drive your personal vehicle? Check out Alamo Commutes! They offer tools and incentives to help you carpool, ride the bus, or bike to work.

CPS Energy Rebates & Programs

View CPS Energy Rebates & Programs Website
Energy-savings programs and rebates to help residents and businesses save money as well as reduce the overall demand for energy in our community.

CPS Power Up Electric Vehicles

View CPS Power Up Electric Vehicles Website
This one-stop shop from CPS Energy offers information on electric vehicle benefits, ownership incentives, and more helpful information.

Dark Sky Policy

View Dark Sky Policy
Dark Sky denotes a place where the darkness of the night sky is reasonably free of interference from artificial light to reduce light pollution. Lighting is provided where it is needed, while reducing unnecessary scattered light and glare. 

Deconstruction and Salvage Initiative

Visit Deconstruction and Salvage Initiative Website
The Office of Historic Preservation is currently exploring deconstruction as an alternative to traditional demolition, maximizing salvage of materials for reuse. Deconstruction Certifications for demolition contractors and other trainings for non-licensed individuals are offered throughout the year. 


View EV SA Website
As the market develops around electric vehicles in San Antonio, EV-SA unifies the City's policy, planning and programming efforts around electric transportation. 

Green Shade Tree Rebate

View Green Shade Tree Rebate Website
CPS Energy and the City of San Antonio partner to encourage tree planting to save on cooling costs. Each year from October to April, CPS Energy customers can get up to five rebates by planting trees on their property.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Parking Program

Visit Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Parking Program Website 
The Center City Development & Operations Department allows FREE parking for authorized hybrid and electric vehicles at downtown street parking meters or street pay stations. Eligibility is determined by approval of the registration form found online.

Parks & Recreation – Nature & Science Programs

View Parks & Recreation – Nature & Science Programs Website
Learn all about wildlife and experience the great outdoors by visiting Parks’ Natural Areas and participating in their nature programming.


View Rehabarama Website
The Office of Historic Preservation hosts a single-day service event that brings together local contractors, volunteer groups, and students to perform repairs and maintenance on historic and affordable housing stock. 


View ReWorksSA Website
While many San Antonio residents recycle at home, opportunities to recycle at work are limited. ReWorksSA is deeply committed to being the business community’s trusted resource for connecting them to cost effective solutions and to the customers who value social responsibility.

SARA Watershed Wise Rebate

View SARA Watershed Wise Rebate Website
This San Antonio River Authority (SARA) program rebates the construction of on-site storm water best management practices (BMPs) to new construction or retrofits on existing property.

SAWS Conservation

View SAWS Conservation Website
San Antonio Water System (SAWS) offers a number of incentive programs to encourage water conservation and help customers save on their water bills.

Under One Roof

View Under One Roof  Website
This program replaces worn and damaged roofs with new, energy-efficient roofs for qualified homeowners.

Green Events

View Green Events Website
In 2010, San Antonio became one of the only cities in the nation to incorporate green practices into parades and events when the City Council passed the Green Events Certification ordinance.

Newsletters & Other Resources

View Newsletters & Other Resources Website
Read through the latest newsletters, research, publications, and plans. 

Sustainability Awards

View Sustainability Awards Website
The Office of Sustainability hosts the annual SA Tomorrow Sustainability Awards honoring local programs, projects, and building structures that promote sustainability and engagement with San Antonio residents.