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Monarch Champion City

The Mayor’s Monarch Pledge solidifies our dedication in maintaining and restoring habitat for the monarch butterfly while encouraging our citizens to do the same. It is important to protect habitats for our local pollinators, maintaining the ecosystem and quality of life.” — Mayor Ron Nirenberg

Mayor's Monarch Pledge

Beginning with Mayor Ivy Taylor, the City of San Antonio committed to the National Wildlife Federation’s “Mayor’s Monarch Pledge,” by working with partners to enhance habitat for pollinating insects and to educate and encourage the greater community to support this initiative.

The monarch butterfly is the state insect of Texas and migrates through our region twice annually. This species and other beneficial insects need native habitat to rest, refuel and lay eggs for the next generation. As pollinators, they make it possible for plants to produce food needed to feed people and wildlife. Due to the demise of its population as a result of native habitat loss and increased use of pesticides, the beautiful monarch has emerged as an ambassador species bringing awareness to the fragility of natural ecosystems and the need for urban support.

Community Resources

The National Wildlife Federation offers “Wildlife Habitat Certification” for community-initiated gardens that support native plants and animals. 

Monarch Joint Venture lists ways individuals and “citizen scientists” can collect data that contributes to conservation efforts. 

Texas Parks & Wildlife encourages Texans to record observations of monarchs and native milkweed, the plant that serves as a larval host for monarchs, on iNaturalist.  This guide teaches how to identify native milkweed

Alamo Area Monarch Collaborative
The Alamo Area Monarch Collaborative is a partnership of San Antonio-area agencies, organizations and individuals who are advocating for the conservation of butterflies. Read their Conservation Plan.