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Almost half of San Antonio’s GHG emissions come from the sources that supply our buildings with energy. Reducing the carbon impact of our energy generation is one of the single most impactful actions we can take to slow climate change. In partnership with CPS Energy and with assistance from the American Cities Climate Challenge, San Antonio is focusing on a transition from fossil fuel energy sources to a less carbon-intensive portfolio.

The graph below displays the source of San Antonio’s electricity generation throughout the years. In order to power homes and businesses, a combination of renewables, coal, gas and nuclear are utilized.

Graph chart showing the source of San Antonio’s electricity generation from 2008 to 2019
CPS Energy Electricity Generation text description of the graph chart

American Cities Climate Challenge

The American Cities Climate Challenge (ACCC) is an unprecedented opportunity for 25 ambitious cities to deepen and accelerate efforts to tackle climate change and promote a sustainable future for their residents. It provides the City with access to the country’s leading technical assistance providers around a variety issues such as reducing vehicle miles traveled and advancing transportation electrification.

The ACCC is progressing Public Transit Speed, Reliability, & User Experience, EV Charging Infrastructure, High-Frequency Public Transit Network and Enhanced Commuter Incentives.

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Energy Benchmarking

The City’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan includes a slate of mitigation strategies aimed at preventing emissions from greenhouse gases. One of the mitigation strategies under the theme of reducing energy consumption is a commercial and multi-family benchmarking and disclosure ordinance. Energy benchmarking is the process of regularly measuring a building's energy use, tracking its performance over time, and comparing its performance to that of similar buildings.

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Energy Efficiency Fund

The Energy Efficiency Fund is one of the only programs in the state that provides ongoing funding to municipal building projects.

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Renewable Energy

Increasing carbon-free energy is one of the single most impactful actions we can take to slow climate change. You can find an introduction to solar and a few resources to help you get started below.

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Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP)

CPS Energy’s Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP) is an energy conservation program that provides financial incentives to residential and commercial customers.

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