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CPS Energy Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan Overview

CPS Energy’s Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP) is an aggressive energy conservation program. The goal of the program is to save 771 MW of electricity between 2009 and 2020. The total cost of the program for this duration will be approximately $849 million with annual costs ranging from $12.3 million to over $77 million.

STEP will provide financial incentives to residential and commercial customers to install energy saving practices and fixtures to reduce the customer’s use of electricity on a permanent basis. This program produces short term benefits such as:

  • Reducing overall system fuel costs and producing fuel savings for customers
  • Lowering customer’s energy use and their monthly bill

STEP will also produce long term benefits for customers such as:

  • Delaying the need for additional generation capacity in the future and alleviating corresponding rate increases to support the cost of the new generation
  • Providing environmental benefits from reduced emissions

The reduction in electricity consumption would be accomplished by providing residential and commercial customers with financial incentives and assistance such as: replacement of current light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs, and replacement of existing household appliances with energy efficient appliances.

The City of San Antonio has established a set of accountability procedures for STEP. CPS Energy will provide quarterly reports to the City of San Antonio indicating year to date STEP activity. The elements of the required detailed quarterly report information include but are not limited to a:

  • Chart indicating the number of kilowatts saved by customer class and program type
  • Map illustrating the allocation of rebates by Council district
  • Map illustrating the location of each rebate recipient with an overlay of socioeconomic income levels

The quarterly reports are unaudited and may contain some information that is only updated on an annual basis.
Please note these reports are reflected within the time frame of CPS Energy’s fiscal year (February 1st-January 31st).

CPS Energy shall also provide an annual report to the City which shows the incentive payments made as a result of the “Commercial Demand Response” program for the prior twelve months. Other measures included within the annual report are as follows:

  • Allocated funding from base rate and amount from STEP rate per program area
  • Map illustrating the allocation of rebates by Council district
  • Map illustrating the location of each rebate recipient with an overlay of socioeconomic income levels
  • Allocation of rebates by business size defined by energy demand
  • Rebate program collaboration with other programs operated by CPS Energy, City or San Antonio Water System, etc.
  • Itemization of the number of firms employed (local/non-local) and number of employed (local/non-local)
  • Number of first-time rebate participants
  • Number of repeat rebate participants
  • Emissions reduction (ozone, CO2, NOx, VOC) reduced per rebate program area

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