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    Chief Sustainability Officer

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Published on Friday, May 04, 2018

Office of Sustainability recognized for “Breathe Today, SA Tomorrow” air quality campaign

SAN ANTONIO (May 3, 2018) – The City of San Antonio’s Office of Sustainability has been recognized for its “Breathe Today, SA Tomorrow” public education campaign focused on the need for cleaner air and the ways individuals and businesses can help improve it.


Breathe Today, SA Tomorrow” won a 2018 Air Quality Stewardship Award from the Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG), presented on Earth Day. Additionally, the campaign won an Award of Merit from the Public Relations Society of America's San Antonio Chapter in the Best Public Awareness Campaign category. The campaign utilized various public engagement platforms to create greater community awareness including TV, radio, print, social media, blogs, community meetings and an Air Quality Summit.


“Even though the number of vehicles on our roadways will keep expanding in the coming years, we can all pitch in to improve San Antonio. Keeping our air clean and pollution-free means that present and future residents of our city can lead healthy lives,”  said Douglas Melnick, City of San Antonio Chief Sustainability Officer.


Toxic emissions from gas-powered vehicles are the largest contributor to poor air quality in our area. Individuals can help reduce emissions that contribute to air pollution by not idling their vehicles and by taking the bus, carpooling, biking or walking to travel. In recent years, levels of air pollution in San Antonio have been measured higher than allowed by federal clean air standards. Prolonged exposure to polluted air particularly threatens the health of children, people who are active or work outdoors and those with respiratory illnesses. For more information, please visit

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