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Councilman Perry Calls for More Small Business Representation on Ready to Work Advisory Board

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Published on Thursday, March 4, 2021

Councilman Perry Calls for More Small Business Representation on Ready to Work Advisory Board

CONTACT: Landry Stafford


SAN ANTONIO (March 4, 2021) – Today, City Council was briefed on an ordinance expanding the Ready to Work Advisory Board from 9 members to 11 members, approving amendments to the categories for the Board, and appointing Sonia Garza, Peter Holt, Benjamin Peavy, Rosa Santana and Juan Solis (Local Employer/In Demand Occupations), Cynthia Teniente Matson (Training/Higher Education Provided), Daphene Carson (Community Organization), Jerry Graeber and Emily Spurlock (Current/Previous Workforce Participant), Frederick “Doug” McMurry, Jr. and Bobby Olveda (Trade and Labor Organization). Council only approved 9 Advisory Board members; Juan Solis and Bobby Olveda were not approved as they represented the additional 2 seats. Councilman Perry made a successful motion to send the addition of board positions to committee for further consideration. The following statement was released in response to today’s discussion: 
“The success of the Ready to Work program is dependent upon connecting trainees to employers. I’d like to see more small business representation on the Advisory Board and am glad that City Council delayed this item for further consideration. Small businesses represent 97% of all businesses here in San Antonio. Ideally, this board will be filled with employers who have the ability to create jobs and fill those positions with San Antonians who have gone through the Ready to Work program. I’ve always questioned how we’d keep program graduates in San Antonio after completing their training – directly connecting them with employers here locally is the answer. I strongly encourage the Governance Committee to consider adding more small business employers to the Advisory Board.”