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As part of the implementation of the SA Tomorrow Plans, the City of San Antonio is asking for input from the residents, the business community, and other stakeholders as to what a Resilient San Antonio means. This information will be used to evaluate possible strategies and policies to build our community’s resilience and maintain "La Buena Vida" as we live, work, and play in the Alamo City now and in the future.

View the “La Buena Vida” public service announcement and please take a few minutes to complete this simple survey

What is a Resilient San Antonio?

Resilience of a city is measured as the capacity for individuals, neighborhoods, and whole systems to not only survive but thrive despite disruptions and stresses. These stresses can be as extreme weather events such as flooding, extreme heat, and unexpected economic downturns or other social disruptions. A Resilient SA mitigates potential impacts and is prepared to bounce forward after disruptions.


Ensuring “La Buena Vida” or the “Good Life” for the Next Generation

What is the good life in San Antonio and how do we ensure that all San Antonians have it now, and how do we guarantee that it's there for our children and grandchildren? Walking or riding bikes along the San Antonio River, access to local and healthy food, spending an evening outside under the Texas stars with family and friends. What Is "La Buena Vida" to you?


As the world changes, the ability to live a good life also changes. One threat that can impact our lives is the damage to our climate. Climate is weather over a long period of time in an area or region, as well as all over the world. The damage to the climate causes an increase in how often and how harsh extreme weather events happen in areas. This could be a change in how much rain falls and how often or a change in how hot it can get and how many really hot days we experience. How will this impact what we love about San Antonio?

A damaged climate can impact the priorities that matter to each of us:



In fact, we are already seeing changes, such as significant flooding, tornados or the April 12, 2016 hailstorm that was the costliest in Texas to date at over $2 billion. The four tornadoes that touched down in San Antonio on February 19, 2017 caused an estimated $100 million in damages. Over 97% of active climate scientists believe that human activity is causing damage to our climate.

Visit the Resilient SA Resources page that explain the specific impacts to San Antonio’s resilience and your “La Buena Vida” in San Antonio.


On April 10, 2017, seventy community leaders from 43 organizations and 12 City of San Antonio departments gathered at the San Antonio Food Bank for a Dialogue on Community Resilience. Participants engaged in a series of discussion about how to build resilience in San Antonio.

View the San Antonio Resilience Dialogue Report (PDF - 17MB) to see the results of that dialogue and how we can further advance resilience in our community.