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SA2020 is a community vision and movement born from a series of public forums in 2010 to develop goals for improving San Antonio by the year 2020. We collected the brilliant, passionate and aspirational thoughts and dreams of the thousands of San Antonians who participated in those meetings, then released it in a detailed report that outlined a bold vision for San Antonio's future in March of 2011.

SA2020 was established as a 501c3 nonprofit organization in 2012, so that the ownership of, and responsibility and accountability for achieving this vision would always belong to San Antonians themselves.


The mission of SA2020 to catalyze the entire San Antonio community into passionate, focused, and sustained action to achieve the shared goals that will transform San Antonio into a world-class city by the year 2020 in eleven key vision areas including " Environmental Sustainability".


The role of SA2020 as a nonprofit is to connect the efforts of individuals, the private sector, government, and nonprofit organizations, creating partnerships that focus energy and resources on achieving the bold goals created during the public forums.

SA2020 annually measures the community's progress on each indicator, and publicly and independently reports awesome successes, as well as yet to be achieved targets deserving of more of our attention. You can view the latest Dashboard report for " Environmental Sustainability" area. This data is the foundation of the community's effort toward improvement and will help drive us toward action.

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