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As the market develops around electric vehicles in San Antonio, EV-SA unifies the City's policy, planning and programming efforts around electric transportation. Check back often for new updates.

Electric Mobility Initiatives & Policy

On June 22, 2017, City Council passed Resolution No. 2017-06-22-0031R in support of the Paris Climate Agreement; directing city staff to develop a plan to help San Antonio meet the objectives of this agreement. Approximately two years later, on October 17, 2019, City Council adopted the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan by Ordinance 2019-10-17-0840.

The adoption of electric vehicles is also supported by the SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan and the Ozone Attainment Master Plan because of the positive impact EVs impose on the environment and local air quality.

In order to further assess the opportunities and barriers to greater electric vehicle adoption in San Antonio, the Office of Sustainability, Building & Equipment Services and CPS Energy worked with national experts to complete the Electric Vehicle Fleet Conversion and City-Wide Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Study. The objectives of the study are to promote a common understanding of EVs, provide near-term strategies for accelerating EV adoption, outline a plan for the electrification of the municipal fleet, and ensure that the benefits and costs of EVs are shared equally across residents of San Antonio.

Stay up to date with the implementation of the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan by checking out the SA Sustainability Dashboard

Why Electric Transportation?

Transportation emissions are the second largest contributor of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in San Antonio. As described in the Ozone Attainment Master Plan, increased ground-level ozone has a negative impact on public health.

Electric vehicles are clean, economical and quiet. With more people moving to our region and circulating on our roads, electric vehicles can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future. In recent years, levels of air pollution in San Antonio have been measured higher than allowed by federal clean air standards. Prolonged exposure to polluted air particularly threatens the health of children, people who are active or work outdoors and those with respiratory illnesses.

Image showing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by sector
2016 San Antonio Community
(GHG) Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector

48% Stationary Used in Buildings

  • 27% Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • 18% Residential Buildings
  • 2% Industrial Buildings
  • 1% Energy Industries within the City
  • 0.2% Fugitive emissions from oil and natural gas system

38% Transportation

  • 34% Private Transportation (i.e. heavy trucks, light trucks, and passenger cars
  • 3% Off-road transportation
  • 0.4% Public transit
  • <0.1% Waterborne navigation

8% Industrial Process and Product Use (IPPU)

  • 8% Industrial processes occurring within the City

6% Waste

  • 2% Solid Waste generated in the City
  • 2% Closed landfills within the City
  • 2% Active landfills within the City
  • 0.1% Wastewater generated and treated within the City.

An Economical Transportation Choice

For individuals, driving an electric vehicle (EV) may also result in significant savings in fuel costs. The Department of Energy’s Vehicle Cost Calculator uses basic information about your driving habits to calculate total cost of ownership and emissions for makes and models of most vehicles, including alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

For more information on San Antonio’s path to reducing transportation emissions, visit the Transportation section of the SA Sustainability Dashboard.

Information for EV Drivers

Where Can I Charge?

  • View a map of EV Charging Stations on Google Maps.
  • Use the PlugShare online tool or download the mobile app to locate EV Charging Stations near you.
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EV Incentives

There are great economic and environmental incentives to owning an EV. Here are some incentives you can take advantage of in San Antonio.

For more information on local EV incentives, visit CPS Energy’s Electric Vehicles Page.

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