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Bulky Item Collection

Bulky Item Collection Overview

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Bulky item collection is provided to all City residential solid waste ratepayers. To find out if you are a solid waste customer, check your CPS Energy bill. If it lists a Solid Waste Fee, you are a customer and you are eligible to receive bulky item collection.

Collection Frequency

Bulky item collections are provided two times per year, approximately every six months.

Collection Schedule

Residents will receive a City flyer a week before bulky item collection in their area is scheduled to begin that will indicate the date by which their bulky items need to be set out for collection.

Bulky Pile Guidelines
  • Bulky item piles are limited to eight (8) cubic yards.
    See image of 8 cu. yd. pile.
  • Set out bulky items no later than 7:00 a.m. on the first day of your scheduled collection week.
  • Place bulky item piles within eight (8) feet of the curb.
  • Do not place bulky item piles in front of parked cars, near fences, trees, mailboxes, beneath overhead wires, low-hanging tree limbs, or on top of water meters.
  • Do not place material at the curb after crews have passed by your house.
Missed Collection

If you missed your scheduled collection, call 3-1-1 as soon as possible to learn about other disposal options.


Residents will be in violation with City Code Chapter 14 if any of the conditions below are demonstrated:

  • Pile contains brush, construction materials, household hazardous materials, vehicle parts, or electronics
  • Pile is obstructed by obstacles
  • Pile is set out after crews have passed your house (residents may receive a fine up to $2,000 a day, plus a fee for the collection and disposal of material)
Bulky Item Disposal Alternative

Residents do not have to wait to receive their bulky item collection to get rid of bulky items; the city offers other opportunities to dispose of these materials:


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