Solid Waste Management Department
Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Overview

Dispose properly of household hazardous waste (HHW), such as oil, paint, pesticides, anti-freeze, batteries, and household cleaners by taking them to the City's HHW Drop-Off Center. The City also provides customers convenient opportunities throughout the year to dispose of household hazardous waste through a seasonal HHW facility and mobile collection sites located citywide.


The HHW sites are free for City of San Antonio solid waste customers who pay an environmental fee; this fee appears on the CPS bill.

Note: In order for residents to use an HHW facility to dispose of hazardous material at no cost, customers must bring a recent copy of their CPS bill and a picture ID as proof of residency.


Guidelines for disposing of HHW:

  • Keep contents in the original container.
  • If the container leaks, transfer contents to a safe container and label the new container to correctly identify it.
  • If the contents cannot be safely transferred, double bag the old container in heavy duty garbage bags.
  • Do not mix different materials in the same container.
  • Place all items to be disposed of in a box and place them in the trunk or truck bed when taking to an HHW facility.
  • Do not dispose of HHW in the garbage cart or pour it on the ground, down the drain or storm sewers.

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